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Good morning. Today is the celebration of Govardhana Puja, or Anakut. It is another festival associated with Diwali, the fourth day of celebration. This day is also the beginning of the New Year for many Hindus, including the new financial year for businesses.

In temples around the country mountains of sweets are prepared as an offering to Lord Krishna. When I say mountains I do mean mountains. The temple priests are trying to replicate Govardhan Hill, the scene of a well-known tale about Krishna and Indra, the King of Heaven.

Indra was very proud of the fact that the residents of Govardhan Hill offered him homage every year. One year Krishna convinced everyone to neglect Indra’s worship. Indra was furious and invoked devastating storms on the area. Krishna, a mere child, with the little finger of His left hand lifted Govardhan Hill so the inhabitants could shelter. Thus Krishna protected His devotees and curbed Indra’s pride. The story ends with Indra accepting his humiliation graciously and worshipping Krishna.

The temple priests are inviting us to remember this story today, not because we are the hero Krishna, but because we are the character represented by the puffed-up Indra.  Indra was not a bad chap. But in the face of someone greater than himself he should have been respectful and humble. Being the King of heaven he did have something to be puffed-up about – but, it blinded him to the truth.

I don’t have much to be proud about but I still remind everyone of my glories – blinding me to my truth.

Dear Lord Krishna, as you diminished Indra’s pride please also erode my mountain of pride and allow me accept my humility with grace and with affection for you. Hare Krishna.

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